Red Is a Fast Color

I just read a very disparaging post about this season’s ambassador team kit from a past member of the team. I don’t begin to understand how brands pick ambassadors, especially those that don’t charge anything to be an ambassador. I do understand many of the reasons why they don’t ask every members back, though.

Ambassador programs are great for the age group athlete. And for the companies that run so many of the well thought out ambassador teams. Among other things, the ambassador gets free and / or deeply discounted products and the company gets brand support and exposure from positive influencers in the sport. I truly hope they continue as I’ve been blessed to be an ambassador for so many of the brands that I love. Many of us are already members of local triathlon clubs but the ambassador programs give us an opportunity to be part of small teams that sometimes span the globe and include everyone from enthusiastic beginners to elite age group, professional and Olympic athletes.

But it’s not something that’s owed to any of us. I didn’t apply to be an ambassador until 2014, about 20 years after I started in this sport. I’ve only applied to companies that I believe in and already support. Some have extended me an opportunity to represent their brand and some have not. But I haven’t stopped supporting the brands that didn’t because they are brands that I believe in and ones that work for me. And I hope that I walk away with grace when and if I’m not invited back as an ambassador, if I loved the brand before then I most likely still do.

PS. I love the 2019 Coeur Sports team kit!