Five Years Clear of Breast Cancer

Five years ago today I had a partial lumpectomy for my triple negative breast cancer, which means that today I’m five years free of it. But I never really felt that it was a day I’d feel released from the shadow of cancer. And I’m not. While I may not have metastatic breast cancer which was the diagnosis in June of 2021, instead I now have a new battle with stage 3 non small cell adenoid lung cancer. Today was spent having maintenance chemo. I’m three months into a course of treatment that will continue every three weeks for two years. Seems like such a long time.

Mid treatment
April 7, 2022
Post surgery
April 7, 2017

That’s all I’ve got. I feel about 75% back to normal. Back to swimming, which is hard but always feel good after. Thanks, Ran, for always being there.