On To Maintenance Chemo

So, here’s some details on the latest. Radiation is done, 15 rounds kicked my ass and burned my skin. I’ve lost 15 pounds because I just have had no desire to eat. Still not alarming, as I could stand to lose that weight before this started. My chemo oncologist wants me to concentrate on adding protein and healthy fats as I try to introduce solid food back into my diet. My cardiologist wants me to concentrate on adding fruits and veggies rich in iron to help increase my hemoglobin and possibly avoid a transfusion.

Well, I tried. I still needed the transfusion yesterday. I feel a little creeped out by the idea that someone else’s blood is in my body, but I tried to turn it around in my head. I’ve run many blood drives, and I know first-hand how happy people are to help someone someone they don’t even know. Someone who donated O+ blood made my transfusion possible. Thank you.

If you’ve never donated blood before please look into it. It’s simple and painless and could save someone’s life. My son-in-law Ryan and I will be coordinating a blood drive on April 10 at the Friendly Sons of The Shillelagh in Belmar. Please consider donating, as an added incentive you will get a pint (of beer) for your pint (of blood).

Do I feel better after the transfusion? I will have to see how the days and weeks progress. This morning? I basically slept all day and night yesterday, woke up at 5:30 and enjoyed a cup of my favorite coffee. That’s new, I’ve had no taste for coffee and it’s one of my “life” favorites.

Coffee is life!

So, what’s my ongoing treatment plan? Two years of immunotherapy and chemotherapy, once every three weeks. The treatment will includes Keytruda and and Pemetrexex. Doctor promises substantially less, even minor, side effects from this. But yea, two years is a long time. One day at a time is the only answer.

Thank you again to everyone who has reached out – prayers, flowers, fruit, cards, phone calls, rides and more. you have no idea how much they are all appreciated. Even when I don’t need anything, just hearing from a friend makes my day better.