A Day at the Beach

Went for my run this afternoon on the boardwalk in Spring Lake.  I made sure to charge my phone and my iPod so I could decide between running with my phone so that I could listen to music and take pictures, or with just my iPod so I could listen to music.  When I got to the beach it was such a beautiful sight that I decided I would just go with nothing other than myself and my thoughts.  If there was anything that I wanted a picture of it would have to be a picture that only I would see.

I did have one of my better runs — focused on relaxed form, a good workout and the beauty of my surroundings.  I ran an easy 10 minute mile to warm up then stopped and did some gentle stretching. Ran the next mile at 9:25, the next at 9 and the next at 8 followed by a cool-down mile at 9:30 pace.

My thoughts still wandered — I took in the beauty of the boardwalk and ocean in Spring Lake, the people paddling, walking, running or sitting on the beach.

At the end of my 4th mile I found one of my biggest pet peaves — a partially deflated balloon blowing around on the beach with a ribbon and a piece of plastic still attached.  Definitely headed towards the water.   The summer people may be gone but their trash isn’t.


Where is District 36 you ask?  This is what I found:
District 36 – (Bergen and Passaic)  Carlstadt, Cliffside Park, East Rutherford, Little Ferry, Lyndhurst, Moonachie, North Arlington, Passaic, Ridgefield, Ridgefield Park, Rutherford, South Hackensack, Teterboro, Wallington, Wood-Ridge

Thank you Brian Fitzhenry, Rosina Romano, Foster Lowe and District 36.  You certainly wouldn’t be getting my vote if I did live in District 36.   Next time clean up your own trash!