Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport Club

Not sure exactly when this all started.  All I know is that the club has become something that feels like it has been part of me forever.  Just about two years ago I started to develop the concept . . . offer a 12 week training plan for an upcoming all-women sprint triathlon.  A good friend, Grace, suggested that I have an “event” to kick off the training plan rather than just make it a faceless exchange.  And so began the Jersey Girl experience.

I’ve never done anything in moderation, so there soon was workouts and other training events.  All the stuff that has taken me years and years in this sport to learn about.  How to swim, how to swim in open water.  How to maintain your bike, how to change a flat, how to shift gears and how to ride safely.  What to wear, how to transition, race day nutrition.  I looked to others who I admired to share what they knew with us.  We swam, we biked and we ran.  We picked up lots of new friends along the way.

We are now an official USA Triathlon-registered multisport club.  It feels and sounds so grown up.  Our own kick-off event is this week, let the adventure begin!

3 Replies to “Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport Club”

  1. For me it started with a simple bike ride…..two years ago. I signed up for the first Jersey Girl Tri in April of 2010, but my mom got very sick and I wasn’t able to participate in the 12 week training program Moira had developed. I kept seeing all these great workouts on facebook during the time I was taking care of Mom.

    After a couple of months, once I got Mom comfortable, I met Moira and a few of the girls at the Manasquan Reservoir, just for a ride……or so I thought! Boy was I wrong – I was quickly swept up in this whirlwind of camaraderie, support and friendship by such an AMAZING group of women. We were all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, but none of that mattered. Through the leadership, coaching and patience of Momma Duck (which we affectionately nicknamed her), we ALL forged fast and lasting friendships.

    I was never involved in any sort of organized club or sports growing up; was never a cheerleader in my younger years. Maybe that’s the reason why I really enjoy this group all the more now. They found me at the perfect time of my life – I needed them. I have come to realize I’m a pretty good cheerleader and team player, too!

    I will never win a race, maybe never run a marathon, I consider myself lucky if I place in my age group, but I will tell you this – I am having the time of my life training to, hopefully, one day do it!

    So, Moira, when you say “we picked up a few friends along the way” that is truly an understatement! Thank you for creating this group of like-minded women.

  2. It began with me seeing a bunch of very happy & energetic women running the pajama 5K in hot pink slips, and I heard these were the Jersey Girls. I saw them again in their attire at the Trick-or-Trot run, which is where I met Moira Horan. Moira invited me to join the girls for a run & I did several months later. A few weeks after that I officially joined the group & I have enjoyed every minute I have been with the Jersey Girls. I am a slow runner, but I have had so much encouragement that my endurance has increased & I can now run a bit faster but much farther & for a longer period of time. Moira will not accept less than our best. She even encouraged me run up hills & surprisingly, I did it, even though I was slow. I have swam for many years, but I have become more focused about my swimming. And I hope to soon buy a racing bike & begin to learn this new way of riding. I also was never a part of a group outside of school & work. I have met some very wonderful, amazing & supportive women thanks to Moira & her Jersey Girls. And I also am in much better physical shape & happier since joining this group. If you may be interested try it out. I highly reccommend it!

  3. Two weekends ago on June 9th in support of a friend I rode in the Ride for Autism held at Brookdale Community college in Lincroft NJ. My ride with my friend was a complete success. I had not counted on meeting a fantastic group of women whom were part of the Jersey Girls Stay Strong Multisport Club.

    We came across each other at the 1st rest stop where some of them promptly began dancing when they heard the music coming from the ipod speaker system which is sometimes attached to my handlebar stem on some rides.

    Patty and everyone else thanks for helping to make the ride fun & see you in Montreal.

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