Ironman Training Run

What a great day today!  Fortunate enough to live close enough to the course for the Ironman New Jersey that I can train on it.  Drove up there today and ran 13.5 miles of the loop.  It’s a challenging course but definitely “doable”.  Two loops of hills on the Palisades side is manageable – first loop will be tough, second loop will be “glad I don’t have to do that again.”  We ventured over the George Washington Bridge today — that was a first ever.  It was a good run, could be very crowded on race day depending on your pace.  But, I got to a point on the bridge, looked out over the New York side and thought that this is where on race day I will get that “I can do this” feeling.  Still 9 or so miles to go but those of you who have done long distance racing know what I mean.  The swim (2.4 miles), the bike (112 miles) and about 16-1/2 miles of the run are done.  It’s all relative.

Running the course today with friends was awesome.  Thanks so much Susan, for everything!  Knowing that you and all my Jersey Girls will be at the finish line waiting will mean more than any one of you can possibly imagine.

I read Jason Shortis’ blog the other day and this resonated so strongly with me:  “So in Ironman, as in life, when the times get tough, remember never to turn your back on it, because you’re better off being in the game than not playing at all!”

We are all in the game . . . . fast, slow, skinny, fat, experienced, newbie, winning, or hoping to make the cut off.

George Washington Bridge

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  1. It was my pleasure to run with you that morning. Even though I get bits and pieces of the course (that’s the only way I can do it!) come race day, I can imagine where you are and mentally be there with you. ,Thanks for letting me tag along! xoxo

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