First Outdoor Ride in a While

Haven’t been on my bike in a while, so I took advantage of the best weather day to get out and explore the area on my bike.  I couldn’t find out any information on bike-friendly roads so I just took a shot on what looked to be a logical route to get over to A1A to ride.  When I checked the weather beforeI left I noticed the wind was out of the south and west, so I changed my plan to ride south instead of north once I got to A1A.
The ride to the bridge was uneventful, even though there was a bit more than a half mile without a shoulder.  All the cars that passed were gracious and steered  wide berth.  85th Street to the bridge was fine, and when I saw that bridge I was reminded of Ironman Florida and thought “here’s what passes for hills in Florida.”  A1A was a pleasure, even though I was riding into a strong headwind it was warm and sunny, with palm trees and beautiful scenery.

IMG_4795Knowing there was an impending storm predicted at home in New Jersey, I appreciated every moment of my ride.  Fortunately I’ve got a month ahead of me in Florida, I have a long way to go to get back in road riding shape! Riding over 20 miles an hour was fun, even if the wind was at my back but all in all I’m in shit bike shape, LOL!  Thoughts of Challenge Atlantic City loom large.  I did do a short ten minute run off the bike, and remembered that after almost 20 years of triathlons mean that running off the bike feels better than running as a single sport.  This was an easier run that I’ve had all week.

So, today I was a total workout slug.  I shopped for dinners for the next few days after dropping Bryan off for golf.  Got groceries, got a pedicure, stocked up on wine.  Tomorrow — Bryan told me about a local 5k but it starts at 7AM!  I think I’m going to swim and get in another run on my own.  Time to plan out tomorrow’s swim practice.

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