What Defines an Athlete?

This doesn’t really qualify as a blog post but, I want to save it — when I read it this afternoon it really resonated with me.  Who’s the real “athlete”?  Friday morning beginner bike ride is back on the schedule, one of my most rewarding workouts of the week!  I am always grateful to pay it forward, and to remember that “I am because we are”.

* * * * * * * *

So, after a comment this morning about who is an “athlete”, I read the following in my Title 9 catalogue:

“According to Webster’s . . . .
(n) a person trained in exercises or games requiring strength, skill or stamina

According to me . . . . [and I wholeheartedly agree!]
She’s the 5 year old girl pedaling beyond her mom’s reach on her first bike ride.

She’s the woman learning to row after work and before her second shift.

Or the teenager hitting the winning basket as time expires.

She’s the mom with her son in a stroller, getting her run in at day’s end.

Or the one learning to swim at age 50.

She’s the woman inning her first 10K and also the one winning that same 10K.

She is strong, she is competent, she is confident.

See is ready for anything.

She is an athlete and she probably looks a lot like you.”

* * * * * * *

I don’t care how old or young you are, there is nothing like the joy of riding your bike!


And just how do you pump up your tires anyway?


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