Happy New Year!

Tough to write that first blog post when you haven’t been writing for a while.

My major accomplishment for today was getting myself out the front door to swim.  Yes, I know I’m in Florida but mid 60s, windy, cloudy and rain showers did not make for an appealing day to swim.  But, I do have a virtual swim team that I am accountable to so after my friend Maria left I dressed for swim, wrote out a practice and posted in my Club’s Facebook group that I was going to swim.

Once I did that I was accountable.  Even more accountable since I  am a member of  a virtual swim team, swimming the distance of the Hudson River this winter.

What happened once I got to the pool?  As most of you would expect, it just went uphill from there.  I had my practice written out, and knew that the faster pace at the end would be tough.  I just haven’t been swimming that fast.  As usual, I worked on focal points as I started, and something made me decide I’d work on alternate breathing.  I committed to at least the first 50 of each of the 100s that I was going to do, and more than just the 50 if possible.

Well, to make the long story short . . . it worked.  I had a great swim, the alternate breathing wasn’t as bad as I expected, and I even managed those last two 100s on 1:45 at the end.

So, nothing profound in this post other than remind each of us that maybe sometimes the hardest thing to do is just get out the door.  If we do that it’s usually all uphill after that!


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