Why I Tri, Part 1

Spent the weekend in Cape May at a fabulous Delmo Sports event weekend, Escape the Cape.  Usually I just come down and volunteer at the tri on Sunday but this year Steve added a paddle event so I strapped my 14 foot Rhizotomy board on the roof of my car and headed down the Parkway early on Saturday morning.  I don’t usually drive very far with this board and I quickly discovered that it wasn’t really secure on the roof.  Two stops on the Garden State Parkway to adjust the board and I eventually made it to Cape May about a half hour later than expected but still plenty of time to get registered for the paddle event.  There was a 10 plus mph wind out of the north and a very strong chop that we paddled into for the f0r 1-½ miles.  A woman who was spectating from the beach actually said “at one point you guys looked like you were standing still”.  Somehow that made me feel better for the effort that I had made.  One day I hope to have time to actually train to paddle, in the meanwhile I’ll just enjoy getting out there.

Small number of entries in this first-year event, but I met some great paddlers and left with my first ever “first female” finish.  Thanks to Stephen DelMonte for a fabulous event and to Kaenon sunglasses and At the Beach headbands for the great race schwag!


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