It Takes Strength To Do What You Love

A friend sent me a red flower from Fellow Flowers.   I love what the card that came with it says.

Love.  Warrior spirit, determined heart.  Caring for the world around me.  A passion unrelenting.  Ready for the challenge, unshakeable in my commitment.  Grit; earned through effort . . . because I said I would.  Take me to my limit and watch me work.  Bringing it – every damn day.
It takes strength to do what you love.”

There has been an awful lot of emotional turmoil for me today as I face the reality of chemotherapy starting this Tuesday.   I’ve read the card a couple of times since I got it yesterday.

What do I love?  I love life.  So, a big thank you to Erin for reminding me of the obvious.  My strength will be focused on doing what I need to do to make sure I keep living.



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