“Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”

Part of the soundtrack of my life, and words that struck a deep cord in me this morning.  When U2’s song came up on my iPod today it really made me stop and say an internal thank you.  I realize how true this is on a daily basis and I am beyond grateful for all the friends and family that I have to support me at this point in my life.  Especially now,  when I really need it.  I feel like I keep using the word “grateful” so much lately, but it is a sincere and honest feeling.  I have an amazing family.  I have a few genuine friends.  I have a huge network of good acquaintances around the world.   And yes, I have cancer.  That sucks big time, but it just needs some really aggressive treatment to give myself the best shot of it not returning.

So, that brings me to the point of this post.  This Saturday I am taking part in a walk to support Mary’s Place By The Sea.  Very appropriate, since it’s two more weeks before I can run.  I was aware and had supported Mary’s Place before with some fundraising events.  But until I spent my first afternoon there as a woman with cancer, I didn’t truly appreciate how special Mary’s Place is.  Every woman should have an opportunity to have a shoulder to lean on in their journey through cancer.  And for many women, that’s the only shoulder they have.

And I have to admit, sometimes I feel guilty that I do have so much support — prayers, meals, cards, experiences, and so much more.  And other people have to worry about getting healthy and also have to worry about how they are going to pay the bills.  That could come for us one day but it’s not an issue at the moment.   And I have a feeling that all the messages of support — like this video from my Coeur Sports Team — will continue to carry me through an awful lot.

So, in my honor, in honor of the women in your life who have or may one day be touched by cancer, think about making a donation to our Jersey Girl StayStrong Multisport Club fundraiser in connection with the walk.

In the meanwhile, I made it through my first chemo and Neulasta injection with nothing that I can complain about.  Some strange “pains” yesterday and today but each time it happens I compare it to what I put myself through voluntarily in an Ironman or training or the like and it comes up empty.  I accept that it will change and that’s okay — I’m grateful for the two week reprieve.  My body is healing from surgery, in spite of the annoying incision under my arm.  And I’ve made so many new connections to women who have gone through or are going through something just like me.  And if you’d like a band to show your support please just send me your address and I will make sure it gets in the mail to you.IMG_3083

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