Things I Will Never Take for Granted

  1. The relative peace and quiet of life outside of NYC.  Jackhammers, buses, taxis, too many people, helicopters and more on my walk back to the ferry.  I don’t miss New York.
  2. Living close to NYC.  I have access to some of the world series best cancer specialists at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
  3. Being a triathlete.  It’s given me the discipline to follow a plan, it’s kept my heart and lungs healthy. It’s made the pain in my hands and feet that much more tolerable, since I’ve caused far more discomfort to myself, and paid a lot of money to do it.
  4. My love of healthy eating.  Seriously, I love fresh vegetables.  I love organic food, I’d eat raw vegan if I had the time and the money!  Well, maybe except for the occasional hot dog, beer, or glass of wine.
  5. My hair.  I said to Bryan the other day that one thing I never imagined was that one day I’d be bald.  I really don’t mind how I look with no hair.  Or, maybe I’m just delusional about how I look.  All I know is that’s hats, scarves, wigs, etc. would not be fun in the summer.
  6. The NYC Fire Department.   I’m blessed to have good insurance.  I was reminded of this again today when I checked on some prescriptions I need.  Although my copayment is a bit over $100, without insurance just one prescription would have been over $600. And let’s not forget that $5,500 injection I give myself every other week after chemotherapy for a grand total of $44,000!  Combined with a program from Amgen the cost to me is only $25 for two injections.  A special thank you to my friend Kelly for all you do with Amgen and Breakaway From Cancer.
  7. Good veins.  As I head into treatment #6 of 8 tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll ever look at those veins in my left hand and left arm the same.  They’ve taken a lot, and still have a bit to go but I haven’t had an issue yet.  A solid four plus hours with an IV needle in my arms does leave a mark, though.
  8. An amazing network of friends and acquaintances.  I can’t say enough about this.  Everything means so much, even though I may not always say so.  All the cards, the thoughtful gifts, the visits, remembering to call and ask me if I want to swim or ride or run, and so much more reminds me of all I have to be grateful for.
  9. My family.  Nothing ever takes the place of family.
  10. Being raised Catholic.  I take great comfort in my beliefs.  I don’t feel I have the words to say any more than that.  Each time I go into NYC by myself I stop in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  And while I may not have always remembered to say thank you when life was good, I do stop each morning and read from a book that my friend Amy suggested I read.  I take a few minutes each morning, usually on my front porch with my coffee and read the day’s reading from “The Power of Being Thankful” by Joyce Meyer.  365 Devotions for Discovering the Strength of Gratitude.  I’m still grateful and find more and more to be grateful for each day.

I just need to get through tomorrow — labs (I wonder where my blood levels are at now?), a visit with my chemotherapy oncologist, treatment #6 (which means there are only two more left) and then I can finish packing, wake up on Wednesday and head up to Lake Placid!  I’m so looking forward to meeting up with some of the Women for Tri community in person, watching my friends race, and doing my part to make sure everyone hears the words “You are an Ironman”!


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