Just Another Weekend

Spent quite a bit of time outside this weekend.  Whenever I do (which is most of the time), I am reminded of how blessed I am to be where I am.  Barely a mile from the ocean — besides the everyday beauty of the water there is sea life, regular visits from dolphins, an occasssional whale sighting, surfers and so much more.

What is truly amazing is the difference just a few miles west make — an ostrich farm, horse farms, the Manasquan Reservoir, Allaire State Park and again, so much more.

Today while running at the Reservoir I notice a man with a fancy camera focusing on something in one of the small ponds off the trail.  Bird watchers with cameras and binoculars are a regular sight, but today something made me stop and see what he was photographing.  I am so glad I did because I caught sight of probably the biggest bird I’ve ever seen out side a zoo, just hanging out in the middle of the water, it was so big it look unreal!


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