I remember when it was my first triathlon

Another amazing week.  I can’t say it any better than what Amy, one of our newer club members, wrote in a post about her first triathlon experience.  I saw Amy coming towards me on the boardwalk and didn’t see her bloody leg or road rash till she told me she had fallen on the run, but she was still making forward progress.

Here is what our group is all about.  Thanks to each and every one of you for being part of my life.

* * * * * *

My first triathlon experience was great. I did not sleep much last night partly due to excitement and nerves, but more nerves. I woke up at 3:30 a.m., got ready and left my house at 4:00 a.m. I was on the very lonely and dark parkway at 4:15 and there were no distractions to keep my mind off of the tri. So there I was driving 30 miles south, stomach in knots, nothing on the radio, just thinking about how I am going to get through this. The more I thought about it, the worse I felt! I tried to eat, but it was making me sick. I made it to Asbury Park, got out of my car and realized my bike tires were a little flat. But, who do I spot, Moira! Thank goodness for momma duck! She filled my tires, padded my bike seat, and I was off to the transition area. I met Jeannie – she looks just like her FB profile pic, so it was easy to spot her, and I borrowed her singlet. (Thanks Jeannie). I emptied my transition bag, organized my stuff and contemplated for 30 minutes whether to wear or not to wear the wet suit for the 300 yard ocean swim. My decision to wear it was the best decision I made. That ocean swim (which I later found out was much more than 300 yards) was very very hard. I swam, I floated, I rested, I talked to myself and I repeated all of that until I completed the swim! Transition from the swim to the bike was easy – I have always had a hard time taking the wetsuit off – but today, it slide off with ease and Kris was right there to help me if needed her. Now the 10 mile bike ride. All I could think about was NOW I can “relax” on the bike and take it easy for a little while. Well, there was no relaxing. Each time I fell below 14 mph, I played with the gears and got back to my 14 mph speed. (I know what Moira is saying right now, “you need to learn about cadence!) At one point I was up to 19 mph and it felt good. I pushed and pushed, and never felt it was time to relax on the ride, until the dismount area. I approached the transition area again, got off the bike, threw on my sneakers and walked out of transition to grab a water. Yes, I walked!! After the water break, I ran. I ran past a cheering JG (wish I knew her name – but somehow she knew mine) and she was so encouraging! I love that!! But, as soon as I turned the corner, my legs decided to stop working!! WHAT!! What happened to my legs!! Oh my – down I went. Face first into the sidewalk, knees bleeding, left palm bleeding, right knuckles bleeding, pain in my knees and a stinging pain in my palm. I was embarrassed – two people ran over me, quickly asked if I was okay, and went on their way. so, I did too! I got up and said to myself that I just swam in the ocean, biked 10 miles and I am NOT quitting this run unless a limb is hanging off of me – and even then, that limb had better be broken if I decide to quit!! So, to finish the race, I walked for a bit and ran for a bit, but pushed myself throughout. As I approach the boardwalk end of the run, here comes Moira. I just love when she comes swooping in and trots alongside of me – effortlessly. She has this amazing way of being so encouraging, yet so intimidating at the same time. I wish I had the stamina to run the entire last mile with her by my side, but I told her I just needed to walk and run at my pace. (Damn, I wish I would have let you push me till I cried and even then you should have just yelled at me to quit being a baby!!). As I crossed the finish line, I was filling up with so much emotion – but did not want to look like a crazy lady finishing with tears – so I held it in (but they would have been tears of “wow, look that I did!”) Even though my training time was limited because of my three kids and their activities, I am very proud of what I did today. That actually is wrong – I am extremely proud of what WE did today. There is no way I would have been able to finish this without the great support of the Jersey Girl StayStrong MultiSport Club. You girls rock!! You are super encouraging – a ton of fun to be around – and I am very proud to be a part of your training family. (yes, yes, I am quiet and a lot more reserve that most of you – but I do love your enthusiasm, your encouragement and your company! I cannot wait for the Jersey Girl Tri in a few weeks!! To everyone who cheered me on – and all of our JG volunteers – thank you so very much for making this a top 10 in my most memorable experiences so far in my life!!


3 Replies to “I remember when it was my first triathlon”

  1. Your message was very heartwarming! Yes, I had tears in my eyes reading it. You should be very proud- you are a very strong and determined woman! I hope to meet you soon if I haven’t already met you at an open water swim.

  2. It was truly a great day and your post could not have described it any better. Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport is an amazing, unique and special group of women. We are all so blessed to be a part of each other’s lives. Congratulations again and thank you for sharing your experience with us. .

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