What We Are All About

After an amazing weekend at the New Jersey State Triathlon one of our club members, Mary, posted the following:

“What an amazing day I had yesterday with some awesome women at the NJ State triathlon. Words don’t come easy for me to effectively describe the kindness, nurturing and comraderie that was displayed by every single woman from our JG group that participated. We were made up of all ages, sizes and levels of athleticism, however the playing field within our group was level for all. Regardless of whether we were doing a leg of the tri or the entire Olympic distance, everyone was wholeheartedly cheered and encouraged until we were all over our respective finish lines. The humbleness of all involved as they completed their respective courses is inspiring…..no bravado here….just gratitude and thanks to their team mates for their encouragement and support….Amazing! 

Witnessing these accomplishments has encouraged some of us enough to entertain taking ourselves to whatever the next level of competion might be be for us….from the leg of a tri to a sprint, a sprint to an Olympic, Olympic to a 1/2 or full Ironman….knowing all the support that is needed is right here with the Jersey Girls.

Moira, what you have started and generated into what the Jersey Girl StayStrong Multisport Club is today is incredible. That a group of women of this size can always come together with no display of cattiness, jealousy or snide remarks, just the intent of participation and support to each other is such a credit to you. The fact that there is no segregation or special treatment of the elite or accomplished athletes from the novice within the JG’s lessens the intimidation and makes this group so welcoming. Your accomplishments are the inspiration for most of us to push harder, for longer time and faster pace……safely. 

For myself, I have come to believe that anything is possible athletically, even at my age! Thanks Moira and thank you to all you Jersey Girls!”

The icing on the cake to all of this is finding out that our team placed 8th overall out of 162 teams in the club competition, and we were the only all-women’s team.  For me, another grateful to be alive weekends!


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