Checking In

Our family vacation to St. John was scheduled randomly and quite a few months ago.  I am now even more certain that there really are no coincidences.  This trip couldn’t have come at a better time.

There is so much that I am learning and understanding and accepting about my family.  First off — my daughter Mary.  She has stepped up and taken charge of so much on this trip.  I’m so proud when I look at her and see the beautiful woman she has become.  And, grateful for the meals and such that she has put together for us.  She’s done an outstanding job and I’m gratefully taking second chair.

Next up, my son-in-law Ryan.  I’m used to being the one in charge.  Doing the research  Deciding on the next day’s adventure.  I’m grateful to pass the mantle to him.  He has made this an amazing trip.  He’s handled the logistics and the research and the driving and so much more.  Each day has been better than the last.  And once again I’m happy to take the back seat.

And my husband Bryan . . . . . what can I possibly say.  I look around each day and say thank you to him for the life we have.  Those of you who have known us for a long time will appreciate this the most — we are more blessed than I can possibly put in words.

I can’t say that I have ever “forgotten” what lies ahead but hours go by here that allow me to enjoy just living in the moment and soaking in the beauty around us.  Reality will be here soon.




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