We Have A Plan, Part 2

It’s been a bumpy few weeks, my last visit with Dr. Traina was on July 6. Trying to get everything in line to get me enrolled in this study has been challenging at best. Downright frustrating mostly.

But the overwhelming cloud throughout for me has been — I have triple negative metastatic breast cancer which has emerged in my lung, lymph nodes and adrenal glands. And that scares the crap out of me.

Yesterday was more CT scans in Middletown and today was extensive bloodwork, EKG and vitals followed by a visit with the research nurse and Dr. Traina. We will start the first clinical trial treatment on Tuesday, August 10. My port is a blessing.

Here’s the simple explanation of the plan. Three week cycles. Day 1 is two chemo drugs and one immunotherapy drug. Day eight is two chemo drugs. Day nine through day 21 is “off”. Repeat 6 times, maybe 12 times. So that’s 9 months. 24 chemo / infusion treatments. And maybe there will be no side effects.

And maybe this will work. I’m scared more then I have ever been in my life. (See my previous blog post that I didn’t share). It’s not about how strong I am. Or how much I’ve inspired anyone. That matters when I’m dead.

5 Replies to “We Have A Plan, Part 2”

  1. Oh Moira, I’m seriously praying for you! I can’t lose another friend to this crap! I’m hoping the doctors have you on a winning combination and that it puts you into remission fast. Please reach out to me anytime you wanna talk 732/492/7432
    Love you

  2. Moira, Tom & I are heartbroken for you but we can’t let our faith in God lead us astray. With all you are,we must pray that God has a plan & you will come through this. You have been strong physically but now mentally you must believe you can & will get through this!!! Don’t let negative in. Believe & pray. We will do the same for you. God Bless You! Linda & Tom

  3. That’s a reasonable thing to be scared of but if I know anyone who could triumph over such adversity, it’s likely you. With much gratitude and respect for your inspirational presence in my life. – Love Colie

  4. Moira I pray for you and I will light a candle in your name every time I go to church. God is looking over you and is always with you. 🤗

  5. Thank you for including me. I will be following along to support you in any way I can. Love you to bits Moira. Obviously you don’t want to do this. But if anyone CAN do this it’s you. ❤️💪👊

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