Fatigue, and COVID Confusion

I know my body. And know how tired I should be based on what I’ve done. I’ve been doing some gentle “movement”. Can’t really call it working out. We went to a very small farm market on Saturday and then lunch. I came home and laid down about 3:30 and pretty much stayed on the couch then went to bed and slept till 7:30 on Sunday. Sunday and Monday has been pretty much a repeat of the same.

I had my second treatment on a Thursday and was a bit surprised to see my red blood cell levels had tanked so quickly. Not enough to stop treatment so that was a good thing.

I reported this to my “research nurse” today and she said it’s to be expected. As long as I feel better after resting then all is good and no reason to stop treatment. I can rest when I’m tired, no problem there.

Here’s where I am having trouble, though. Last week whenever I signed into my MSKCC portal, I got the following message:


So I asked. And was told yes I qualify and a third vaccine is scheduled for the day after my next CT scan. I asked for an antibody test first. And here’s what I was told:

“Hello Mrs. Horan
This is Tetiana, a covering RN
I am sorry, but we do not perform Covid ab testing at MSK, neither it can provide us with the reliable information whether you developed immunity after first 2 vaccinations.
Once you got the vaccination, it is assumed that you are immune, even if your ab are negative.
Yes, you are eligible to get your 3rd booster dose at MSK
And yes, it would be the same vaccine you had in past.
You would need to send us a document proving that you were vaccinated , with what and when.
You can do it via the patient portal
Once we have it, we can work on scheduling your 3rd shot
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate and reach the office
Stay safe and have a nice day!

So besides the fact that English is not this persons first language, and I already provided proof of my first two vaccines, how would you feel about a third vaccine?

2 Replies to “Fatigue, and COVID Confusion”

  1. Might want to ask your regular nurse or doctor’s opinion if you’re not comfortable with the reply from the sub. I love technology, but sometimes it gets lost in the translation 🥴

    1. I spoke by phone to the regular research nurse and got the same information (from someone who’s first language is a English). So their bottom line, and the message from my oncologist is — get vaccinated but don’t expect an antibody test to show you have any antibodies.

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