A Change of Direction

There are two people that I bring with me to each treatment — my mother (who passed away from cancer 43 years ago) and my Aunt Marion (who passed away from old age 6 years ago). The earrings are a gift from my mother from a trip she took to Amish country not long before she died. The Blessed Mother holds holy water and my aunt had this by her bedside until the day she died. Putting on the earrings and blessing myself with the holy water has become a habit that brings me some comfort and peace each time I visit MSK.

My mom and my aunt

Treatment number 4 was completed this past Tuesday, the day went very smoothly. Bloodwork came back with pretty much the same low red blood / hemoglobin numbers. Nothing that warrants withholding treatment, thank God. There has also been a drop in my thyroid numbers, so an appointment with endocrinology is pending. This coming Wednesday I have a CT scheduled that will hopefully show that my tumors have either shrunk or, at a minimum, stopped growing.

Wednesday brought more good news. My three month follow-up visit with my hand surgeon showed that I am fully healed and cleared for full activity. I haven’t been particularly good about working out but I will keep trying to regain some fitness.

My wrist is healed!

Friday afternoon I got an unexpected phone call from Dr Traina, my chemo oncologist with some surprise news. Bottom line, the cancer in my lung is not metastatic triple negative breast cancer but rather a new cancer. Non small cell lung cancer. And now it looks like my treatment plan will be changing. Next week will bring more information. And hopefully a better understanding of whether this news is good, bad, or the same. It’s frustrating, after the battles to get this treatment and study participation started it’s going to change but I certainly want and need the treatment best tailored for my cancer. I’m grateful that Dr. Traina kept asking that the testing continue until there was an answer.

“I was notified by molecular pathology today that 3rd attempt at Moira’s IMPACT testing was successful and represents a profile more consistent with a non small cell lung cancer. It specifically does not match her 2017 path from TNBC primary in terms of clonality.

“I have discussed with Dr. Rubin, Service Chief of Thoracic Oncology Service and arranged for an expedited visit with TOS at Monmouth next week. Discussed with Study Pl, Dr Robson who will report to KEYLINK sponsor and we will remove her from study treatment. Plan to complete CT CAP as planned next week and keep her visit 9/21”.

3 Replies to “A Change of Direction”

  1. Great news that it was not your old cancer. Hopefully this one is less aggressive and you can put this completely behind you when treatment ends! ❤️

  2. I’ll continue to pray for you. I’m optimistic this new cancer will be less invasive and you will kick its ass like you have previously done. Rooting you on from afar!

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