New Diagnosis and Treatment

Things have been changing very fast here. Last Tuesday I had more lab work done in the morning, two Telemedicine visits with the research nurse and my breast cancer oncologist to end my participation in the study and then a trip into NYC for a PET scan. I definitely have non small cell lung cancer either stage 3c or stage 4, most likely adenoid but undefined. Which one it is will determine my final treatment plan but we’ve started treatment as if it is stage 4 so things could get rolling.

My first treatment was this past Saturday morning and things went smoothly. Two of the drugs I was already receiving as part of the clinical trial — Carboplatin and Keytruda (Pembrolizumab), new drug is Pemetrexed. A bit more steroids in my infusion and for two days after. I will have a treatment once every three weeks, after four treatments I will have another CT scan to see if tumors are continuing to shrink.

That’s the “facts”. The emotions are a different thing. Last Monday Bryan and I had to make the difficult decision that it was time to let Brody cross the rainbow bridge. His dementia was to a point that he had no “good moments” in a day. It’s a huge physical and emotional hole in our lives.

Who rescued who?

My current situation? I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with the facts. I went from training for my 13th Ironman at age 65 to that same 65 year old who’s life has been taken over by medications, doctors appointments, tests and the fear of catching the common cold.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude by the support and thoughtfulness from so many friend and family. The flowers, cards, treats and more are so appreciated by Bryan and me. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

4 Replies to “New Diagnosis and Treatment”

  1. Oh moira. No good words for this. I know you will be as strong as you need to be to get through it. But that doesn’t take away how cruel and unjust this is. You are loved by so many and I hope helps to carry you through. Sending you all our love and healing vibes for a full and uncomplicated recovery.

  2. Sending you and your family love, prayers and peace. Thank you for being fully present to us during your personal journey. You share and teach; we listen. It is an amazing gift that you give. xov

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