The Weeks Ahead

Last week passed fairly uneventfully. I didn’t notice any side effects from the treatment last Saturday. I’ve recommitted to doing some kind of positive activity on those days that aren’t taken over by doctors. I’ve managed some walk/runs, a bit of indoor cycling and some functional fitness sessions with our long time personal trainer. I even participated in a 5k in support of Mary’s Place by the Sea. It felt good to pin on a number and be part of an event. A friend I met during a visit to Mary’s Place stayed with me and we walked and ran and talked and I felt glimmers of “normalcy”.

From a treatment standpoint – there continues to be a lot on the calendar. last week I met with the integrative medicine department to try to balance my body with the side effects of treatments.

Thursday I also met virtually with Dr Jacob Shin, who specializes in stereotactic radiosurgery — aka radiation — to my brain! One extremely targeted treatment with one appointment before that for construction of s face mask that will keep my head immobile on the table for about 45 minutes each session. I can see, hear, talk and listen to music. There was another option: wait three months and see if the barely measurable spot in my head has grown. Didn’t seem like a smart choice. So we start this Friday and treatment will be on October 20.

The positive on Thursday was a cruise in the River and Ocean on a friend’s 65 ft yacht, made it s little easier to block out the brain stuff.

Light Hearted

Monday started with lab work and a visit with Dr Namakydoust’s nurse practitioner to see how my body responded to the new first treatment. Numbers are good and I’ve mostly felt ok, just a bit tired. My next chemo / immunotherapy treatment is October 14. I’m hoping for a CT scan after that to see if tumors are still shrinking and / or have at least stopped growing.

Today is a trip into NYC for an MRI, under anesthesia. I am way to claustrophobic to manage an hour with my head in a noisy and closed tube. This should give more details about the growths and help target treatments.

And then . . . A two week vacation with my family to an island paradise that has been in the works since before the pandemic! We have all been looking forward to this — feels like forever. 🐬 🌴 🏝 🍹 🌊

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