It’s Been a Good Week

CT Scan Results: Part 1. Lung tumors are shrinking or stopped growing. No new growths. Continue treatment as scheduled through the 4th three week cycle (December 9th) with Pemetrexex / Pembrolizumab / Carboplatin. Treatments after that will be just Pemetrexex / Pembrolizumab every three weeks, indefinitely. Once the carboplatin stops so do the steroids. Hopefully I can sleep again.

Part 2. Lymph node activity is growing in my neck area. Doctor classified this as “to be expected”. Dr. Shin has planned radiation treatments in conjunction with continuing the above chemo / immunotherapy schedule. The setup is scheduled for December 1st and 25 treatments start on December 16 and continue daily (5 days a week) through Friday, January 7th. There is no mask involved this time and all treatments are early morning at MSK in Monmouth.

Brain MRI Results: This is the good news off the week for me! “What we radiated in your brain is gone”. Follow up in about three months with another MRI.

The neck radiation sounds pretty definite to have side effects. I will take that as it comes.

Prayers and good wishes are working, thank you all.

2 Replies to “It’s Been a Good Week”

  1. Good news. Treatment working according to plan. Body is responding well. The prayers will never stop coming. Sending hugs.

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