Blueberry Seed Smoothie

Blueberry Seed Smoothie

Tastes as good as it looks!

An idea that came about this morning while swimming with our own resident nutrition guru, Cara Pescatore . . . . a tab for our app that will sort out all the wonderful recipes and ideas that we keep posting on Facebook but then can’t find when we want to make them.

First up, this delicious Blueberry Seed Smoothie that Leslie Why Reap posted and I made this morning.  A perfect post-swim workout breakfast.  Going to try posting them as google docs, and make a new button for our app to keep them sorted out.  Let’s see how it works.

Jersey Girls StayStrong Multisport Club

Not sure exactly when this all started.  All I know is that the club has become something that feels like it has been part of me forever.  Just about two years ago I started to develop the concept . . . offer a 12 week training plan for an upcoming all-women sprint triathlon.  A good friend, Grace, suggested that I have an “event” to kick off the training plan rather than just make it a faceless exchange.  And so began the Jersey Girl experience.

I’ve never done anything in moderation, so there soon was workouts and other training events.  All the stuff that has taken me years and years in this sport to learn about.  How to swim, how to swim in open water.  How to maintain your bike, how to change a flat, how to shift gears and how to ride safely.  What to wear, how to transition, race day nutrition.  I looked to others who I admired to share what they knew with us.  We swam, we biked and we ran.  We picked up lots of new friends along the way.

We are now an official USA Triathlon-registered multisport club.  It feels and sounds so grown up.  Our own kick-off event is this week, let the adventure begin!